Security Tips

Whether you are leaving home for vacation or just going to work, intruders do not know the difference. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you and your family safe:

Add lights

Like security cameras, lights are also a deterrent. Leave your outside lights on at night. If you live in a dark neighborhood, contact your local municipality about adding streetlights or stronger lightbulbs. If you leave your house, keep a few lamps on inside.

Lock up

Get into the habit of using all of your locks. Multiple locks, such as deadbolts and extra window latches, ensure redundant protection.

Trim the hedges

Tall hedges provide hiding places for would-be burglars. Keep them trimmed so that they’re no higher than your windowsills.

Install a personalized home automation system

This system allows for a variety of automated security features: motion detectors for your outdoor lights, timers on your indoor lights or music systems, adjustments to your thermostats or kitchen appliances, and much more. You can take this system with you wherever you go by accessing it on your mobile device.

Add an alarm system

A recent study by the Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation (AIREF) found that residents who used home security systems were significantly less likely to suffer a burglary. According to the study, over 80% of the offenders admitted that they would try to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary, and over 70% said they would seek a different target.

Lock your doors and windows

Most break-ins occur without a forced entry, meaning that an intruder walked into your home or place of business through an unlocked door or window.

Upgrade your windows

While you should always lock your windows, consider upgrading your ground-level windows with security sensors. These sensors will trigger your system whenever a breach occurs. Additionally, you can add a second layer of protection by installing broken glass detectors.

Involve the community

If you are going away from your home or business for an extending period of time, enlist the help of friends and neighbors. Since most intruders look for places that appear to have no one home, your community can assist in creating a “sense of occupancy” by collecting your mail and newspaper.

Install a camera system

In the past, camera systems may have been economically infeasible for some home and business owners. But the rising availability and the continually decreasing cost of technology has made security camera systems a cheap and effective way to deter break-ins. Nowadays, you can even monitor your security camera system from the convenience of your mobile device.