Backups on our Backups

New England has had its share of major weather events that have caused disruptions to the power grid. United Alarm has understood the importance of providing security monitoring that is always available no matter what. This is one reason why we invested in the infrastructure to establish our own in-house central station. This allows us to be in control of our customer’s monitoring experience, and maintain local control of our systems in the event there is a disruption to the power or phone lines.

To be power independent, we have multiple lines of backups. First, our servers and primary systems have full immediate power redundancy with UPS battery backups. Second, we have large natural gas generator with plenty of reserve fuel that will automatically kick in during a power outage.

The systems we install in our client’s homes and businesses can also have battery backup and even phone line independence with inclusion of a cellular monitoring option. Talk to us today to ask about backup options for your security system.

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